Coffee Cup House

Isn’t it crazy how you can stumble upon the most interesting things on accident? While traveling in western North Carolina with my family, we thought we would take a short cut. How many times does a short cut really end up being short? The paved road we took turned into a dirt road that seemed to never end. We counted seven or eight one lane bridges from one end of the road to the other, but that wasn’t the most interesting thing we found on this curvy and long dirt road.

If traveling in Collettsville North Carolina near John’s River, plan to stop by the coffee cup house. It’s a must see!

Most weekends, you can find a nice couple to greet you and welcome you to take a look inside at their other collectibles. They don’t live in the house, but they do spend a lot of time on site maintaining it and giving tours.

Coffee cups line the fence, the house, and are even tacked to the ceiling of the front porch. They didn’t miss a spot, even the back of the house is covered. There’s an area to the left of the house that would be perfect for a picnic by the river and is equipped with picnic tables. Their only request is that you clean up after yourself and keep the area litter free.

The property has been featured in magazines and was on an episode in Season 3 of HGTV’s Offbeat America in April of 2006.

Can you guess how many coffee cups there are? The owners lost count after 18,000!

Sometimes short cuts are worth taking. Even if it isn’t the shortest route, it may be the most interesting.


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